When Dennis was a young man he worked in a print shop in North Carolina making toll tickets for the Ohio Turnpike. As a 

focus driven individual he decided he wanted to make additional income. Turning to his love of cooking that his mother had

instilled into him while growing up, he went to the resturant industry. In 1987 he found himself at the Market Square

Restaruant located in downtown High Point NC. The then four star, nine story resturant began his professional culinary training. Through the years he fine tuned his already established southern cooking roots before heading to college. Though you would think he pursued a degree in culinary arts, Dennis decided to follow another passion for mechanics and enrolled

in the machinist technology program.


In 1998 Dennis moved to Newaygo Mi and worked in the tool and die field for six years. During that time in 1999 a friend asked if he could smoke a pig. As Dennis loves grilling, he thought sure, why not. By 2001 the requests for pig roast and his southern comfort food became so overwhelming he decided to put his two loves together and build his own grill. Whithin a year the monster was built. From axles to smoke stacks standing 7' x 17' this dual fule smoker and grill with over 135 sq feet of cooking space launched Shake It Up BBQ into the public eye.  Since then Dennis has added to his army of grilling machines

not only for himself but others as well.


In 2004 Dennis left the world of tool and die to operate Shake It Up BBQ full time. After 16 years in the business he still loves what he does. From fields to country clubs Dennis provides his customers with a variety of distinct flavors and custom

services. Now established as a professional competition bbq team and full service catering company he continues his vision

of offering unique menus to fit each individual customers needs.